2004-10-17 10:55:06 ET

So we leave for the retreat today...I'm looking forward to the retreat its self, but dreading the ride there. I'm riding up with two of the managers...one is not threatening at all, and I really like her. The other one, I don't trust. She was the one I was always complaining about being super mean and unprofessional. To be fair, she has been a dream to work with lately, and not a tyrant like she used to be. But I still hold some reserve and I feel like I'm walking on eggshells around her, still, cuz I don't know if she's gonna snap or not. But this is a social situation. I doubt I will be expected to sweep any hair this weekend :P

Anyhow, I better get. She's going to be here in about 15 min.


2004-10-17 11:44:07 ET

Oooh retreat! Hope you have a great time!

2004-10-17 17:24:53 ET

Try not to let her interfere with the fun times. Worst comes to worst, I'm sure we could have her killed.

2004-10-17 22:02:21 ET

Yesh. And I volunteer to help hide the body! :)

2004-10-19 16:09:57 ET

haha, she was actually fun to hang with :] We went to the brewery the second we got there and started boozin it up. It was very fun.

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