Ok, ok, a real entry then...
2004-12-08 13:11:06 ET

...although it won't be much more than bitching...Let me just say right now, that i need a fucking vacation. Or at least just an extra day or two....away from everything....alas...in our economy, a few days off would mean not being able to pay rent...

I'm sick...again...and for the same reasons as above, I can't take any time off to get better...not to mention that they chased away yet another assistant, so it's just me and one other girl who is way more tempermental than i would have ever thought and who doesn't seem to like to be part of a "team"...which is the only way this assisting thing can work....but so far, i only felt like i was part of a team when Emma was there...and she left months ago.

However, I am going on the floor, which is nice. I just wish I could get the questions about my schedule answered, so i can turn it in and start booking people....specially since i have to do 16 free haircuts in the first week. It's like "hello, can we be organized, please? Otherwise I will suffer for your mistakes...again."

Ok, so I dont know what's going on, but my computer is being hella slow and it's pissing me off, so I need to not be on it anymore. Damn stupid machines.

2004-12-08 13:21:31 ET

*comf* not for to be sickies lady! I...uh...well, I think you shouldn't, so, you shouldn't. ... Have lots of Vitamin C! Echinaechea or however the hell you spell it! Juice! Healthy bits! :)


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