Weekday off??
2004-12-15 08:30:18 ET

What does one do with oneself on a Wednesday at 10am?

2004-12-15 08:32:44 ET

Go to a museum, Banes and Nobles, Dig up old albums you haven't lestened to in a while, hang out at a coffee shop and strike up a few conversations....

2004-12-15 09:44:53 ET

uhh sleep till noon for starts

2004-12-15 10:34:52 ET

i tried dearly, i did, haha...but perhaps I go coffeeshopping.

2004-12-15 10:36:45 ET

always a good call. B&N and Borders are SWEET

2004-12-15 13:51:07 ET

Eep, weekmornings are the worst!

2004-12-15 14:35:37 ET

are you kidding? Weekday mornings are the perfect time to do all the touristy things you never do because they are always packed...also, around this time of year, shopping. Skip the crouds, baby!

Hope you had a faboo morning off!

2004-12-16 05:05:22 ET

hah fem Is right! I never do touristy things in my town even though they're fun! go do that. Take a tour and learn something you don't know about your city!

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