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2005-01-24 07:59:53 ET

Well, hello...It's been busy over here in Shanland. Lets see...

I don't really want to go into detail about everything, just cuz there is a place and time for everything, and I'm not entirely sure posting in a public area about certain things would be appropriate...but suffice to say that I'm dating someone new, now...hooray for new relationships! n'stuff. It's great and exciting and all that new relationshippy stuff.

I think I already posted about being on the floor at my salon...Let's hear it for cutting hair instead of sweeping it up! :D It's been going great...btw, if anyone wants a fabulous cheap haircut, I'm doing haircuts for $25, atm. It'll go up to $41 in mid feb.

This lady came in on Saturday. She was the sweetest person I've ever had the pleasure of working on. When she was younger, she was in a horrible fire, and to this day still has severe scarring on her neck...and all her life, hairstylists have told her that she couldn't have anything but a one length haircut if she wanted to continue to be able to cover them as much as possible...which does nothing to flatter her beautiful face or give her confidence. She sat down in my chair and I told her that her hair was more than thick enough to have layers and movement and texture, and we could even do a sweeping bang in the front to frame her face...when she left, her hair was no longer limp and flat...it had movement and volume...it was hip and modern...and she loved it so much that she went up to Peter (the owner) and told him how fabulous she thought I was. It really made me feel like I'd accomplished something...the satisfaction I got from making her so happy...there's just no comparison. I don't want to sound new agey or cheesy or whatever, but it really solidified in my heart why it is I became a hairstylist in the first place.

Ok, well I'm covering the desk as we are short a receptionist, and the phone is starting to ring off the hook. So i will have to cut this shorter than expected...more later :P

2005-01-28 19:40:50 ET

She liiiiiiives! Ok, yeah, so I'm a little delayed...what can I say, damn lack of internet. I think you are a stud with all sorts of talent...particularly with hair. Sooo...while it doesn't surprise me that you were able to see what other stylists couldn't, dude! How cool! And rewarding! Of course, there is the added bonus here of her friends seeing her new 'do and you getting all sorts of word-of-mouth recs! W00t! Grats hun, thats radness!!

:) :) :) :)

Any whos, glad yer well. We must hang out sometime soon and play. Oh, and there is a chick at work who would love to help with movies and such, and from what I'm gathering, she is ALL OVER costumes, although she does other stuff (including acting) as well. More info to come....

2005-02-11 09:35:25 ET

that's a good story--you made quite a difference in your client's life!

2005-02-11 11:59:40 ET

I hope so :] She sent someone she works with to me about a week ago...who, in turn is sending other people to me :D

2005-02-11 18:04:57 ET

Sweeeet! Wahoo, grats bb!

2005-02-11 22:32:13 ET

thanku :]

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