Coffee, Cigarettes, and Hair
2005-02-11 09:12:36 ET I've got to do something...all i do is go to work...occasionally hang out with Dylan or Danielle, play the sims, and visit my parents. I need more social contact, dammit. Unfortunately, social contact usually involves some kind of it in just transportation or in coffee, movie/club admission, etc....which is something I really don't have, atm. I just found out that I claimed the wrong thing on my taxes last year and I owe...for the first time ever, I owe both the state and the feds. Those bastards. I HAVE NO MORE MONEY TO GIVE YOU PEOPLE! I can barely pay my rent, damn you!

So I have given up hard liquer. Beer and wine are my friends now...Captain Morgan has forsaken me for the last time :P Jerk. I don't even miss it...course, it's only been two weeks since that horrible day when I spent 12 hours laying in bed moaning in pain in between trips to the shrine of the porcelain goddess.

In other news, I have a really cute girl in my lap. Throughout the week, she doesn't get to see me too much, so on my days off when I don't go anywhere, she spends her time lounging on me. It's very adorable.

Anyhow, I'm waiting for my tax man to call me back, so I can get this whole tax filing ordeal done with. Grossness, man...utter grossness.

ok...enough for now. :P

2005-02-11 16:29:48 ET

Icky! I had a tax fiasco a couple years ago, and that SUCKED!! Good luck! Money blows :(

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