The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly
2005-02-20 09:49:17 ET

The Good: I finally freakin' got out of the house last was great. I saw Starr and Mel and we sat on a couch all in a row...something we haven't done in a very long time. It was good. The Green Fairy was good...the party was good...I had such a fantastic time. It was SOOO great to see those two. (Esp Starr, since I haven't hung out with here one on one since, like...god, i don't know).

The Bad: Woke up with the Green Fairy bashing me in the head. But, I was armed with twinkies, coffee, and water, and quickly fought her off. I took the dog out...and she peed fine once (lovely for you to know, I'm sure), then she made like she was going to go again (which is not uncommon...she's a compulsive water drinker), but all that came out this time was a few drops of blood. I'm telling myself it's just a bladder infection, and my mom is coming to take us to the emergency vet in berkeley, where we will obtain antibiotics for said dog, and everything will be fine. But, ofcourse, nuerotic doggy mommy that I am, I'm afraid she has some horrible uncurable disease, and I will have to helplessly watch her waste away. But that's not going to happen...right????

The Fugly: Well, there really isn't anything Fugly to report, i guess...but it sounds damn good in the title, no? to do things that take minds off of worrying :P

2005-02-20 12:15:53 ET

Keeping fingers crossed for the puppy-pie. Poor little girl!

2005-02-20 13:56:43 ET

She just had a they gave her some antibacterial stuff (a shot and some pills for me to give her), and a bunch of fluids (which they injected into her back, and until it absorbs, which will be in a couple hours, she looks like the hunchback of notre dame) any case, she will be fine :]

2005-02-20 23:15:31 ET

Yay! Poor little muffin...UTIs are no fun :(

2005-02-21 11:56:58 ET

She's feeling much better today :] she was bein perky this mornin. Still low energy, but she wasn't grmpytastic like she was last night.

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