Weekend Adventure of Filmmaking
2005-05-03 12:30:35 ET

Ok, this will be a long one, haha...

So Friday Waylon and I left on our filmmaking getaway...or whatever you want to call it. So we shot from about 6pm until 4am and crashed at the director's pad. Got about 3 hours of sleep or so before heading back to the set at about 9:30am. We shot for about 20 hours that day. From 9:30 am to about 5am. We crashed at Chiara's that night and I got about 2 hours of sleep. Insane, man. Everyone was so unbelievably tired for the last day of shooting. But they all came back. None of them flaked out or left. Those who did flake out flaked out friday night, so we were covered.

Sunday was my berfday. It doesn't matter how hard I try, man, I always end up working on my birthday, haha. Sunday am, Chiara and Waylon woke me up with a sticky bun with birthday candles, and ice cream...haha it was fantabulous. Then we headed home for a bit to shower and change clothes and rest before shooting again that night. Waylon also took this opportunity to give me the presents he'd been stashing for the last week or so. He got me an antique salt and pepper shaker from the '30's with these creepy pigs on 'em. He also got me a book called "Geek Love" I don't remember the author from the top of my head, atm...I'm still braindead from this weekend. He also got me one of those lady's hats from the 20's...the kind that kind of droops and stuff. Almost like a helmet.

Then Waylon had me meet him at his job yesturday so we could go out to dinner, then go back home to chnage clothes before heading off somewhere else...so we go and have some dinner...then we head off to go home and "change"...let me tell you...Waylon is a great actor...cuz when we got there, there was a surprise party waiting for me. haha! It was so awesome. Friends I see a lot and friends I see not enough...even D.C. and Cathy made it out. It was so much fun. I hope everyone had a good time, cuz I had a total blast. If you're reading this and you were involved: YOU ROCK! I've never had a group of friends who planned anything like this for me before. You are all wonderful and awesome people.

Ok...after a crazytacular weekend, I really want to go to the library and hang out. So I'm gonna. And you can't stop me. So there :P

2005-05-03 13:38:48 ET

It was good to surprise you, I hope that you enjoy the music.

2005-05-11 08:58:58 ET

WOw, that so cool.Wish I had someone like that to do cool things lame people should all die !!

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