Social Anxiety?
2005-06-26 09:39:00 ET

So I've noticed that any time I get invited to a party or one is thrown at my place, I get a worst fucking migraine in the whole world. Could this be a fear of people? Am I turning into a hermit? I love everyone, but when I make plans with people, my throat closes and I get really nervous, and the headache starts, so I call to cancel.

The funny thing is that I have a really people oriented job, and I'm fine on Saturdays when every stylist is working and most have 2 or more clients in the salon at one time. No fear there. No problems talking to my clients, in fact, I think I have improved on the quietness factor with my clients...esp. when they bring up dogs.

So what's wrong with me? Why am I more comfortable hanging out with perfect strangers than with people I've known for 5 years or more?

I bet some of you have wondered why I haven't been calling, or why I always flake at the last minute. Well, here's your answer. Psycho-sematic manifestations of migraines when presented with social situations?


2005-06-26 09:41:08 ET

have you tried caffiene? starbucks premade coffee (the lil glass bottles) always relaxes me when my head gets like that... too bad the regular starbucks isnt as good.

2005-06-26 15:52:15 ET

You're just crazy.

I really don't know.. maybe it is social anxiety. But maybe if you just throw yourselves into those situations, your fear of them will go away.

2005-06-26 18:07:32 ET

I've had moments like that too, although I also have that problem sometimes when I'm going to work. I think it is hermitting--it seems inevitable that people who work a lot with the public almost seem to get sick of people due to over exposure. *shrug* I find that, at least as far as hanging out with my friends, if I just ignore the nasty feeling, after a bit of hanging out time I feel better and am fine.

2005-06-26 21:05:38 ET

Honestly, I haven't heard from you in ages. I have been half tempted to crash by your work or appartment.

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