Flushing Money
2005-07-13 15:18:18 ET

I just bought a compact flash reader for my laptop...but it is apparently uncompatable. GRRR...and I didn't figure that out until I opened the blasted thing...Anyone need a PCMCIA adapter compact flash thingy? It's nice quality...but I'm so not computer savvy. I told the salesperson I have a G4 titanium laptop (apple), but I get home and as it turns out, though it's silver (hence why I thought titanium), it's actually a g4 powerbook.

Damn my eyes!

2005-07-13 15:26:21 ET

have you tried it?
it should still work ok, unless it just doesnt fit because of some odd hardware difference

2005-07-13 15:46:38 ET

Yeah, I did try it, but nothing happened...it fits like a glove, but when I put it in, it makes a noise like it's thinking about doing something about it, but nothing happens. It seems to fit really well, and it's not loose or anything.

2005-07-13 15:55:02 ET

what brand is it?

did it come with a driver cd?

open up iphoto, plug a card into it and see what happens, also see about importing thru photoshop.

if there is no driver cd go to the brand's website and track it down for that model or try versiontracker.com

hope it works out ok!

2005-07-13 16:37:58 ET

It's Macally. Says it doesn't need a driver, but I'll look for one, anyways. I'll try your suggestions, too. Thanks! :]

2005-07-15 21:39:30 ET

Its ok, technology and my iMac hate me too!

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