State Board Tomorrow
2005-09-11 14:25:45 ET

Eeps... so I go take my Cosmetology test at state board tomorrow for my license. I'm a little nervous, but I know my stuff so well I could do it in my sleep...backwards. There are only a couple of things I'm worried about (curling +flat iron because I burned myself today ironing my clothes, and if I accidentally burn myself in the same spot, I don't know if I can keep from yelping... and pedicure because my boyfriend's toenails are really wierd looking.)

Yeah, so I burned myself today ironing my clothes :P It was pretty sizzled and everything...and now it's this big white splotch on my thumb, which actually isn't as sore as I thought it would be. It was ugly...I burned my thumb...I ran cool water over it...sat back down to finish, and IMMEDIATELY burned myself AGAIN in the SAME spot. When I finally finished, I made myself a cold compress and went outside to smoke and let my hand cool down. I'm sitting there minding my own business, and a bunch of yellowjackets smell the water and start coming after it! UGH...ran inside as fast as i could. Stupid yellowjackets.

Anyhow, in other news, Ashby and I got into BADRAP's Pit Ed Classes...basically, it's obedience training specifically designed for the breed. I had to miss the first class two weeks ago because I didn't find out in time to mark out at work. So we went to the second class. OMG, it was HELL. I felt like I was at a car race, and my car was the only one that wouldn't start. I couldn't get her to look at me. The treats I brought as a lure weren't working, cuz she decided that day that she wasn't so crazy about week and a LOT of work later, she was FABULOUS! It was the best feeling. We were both having fun, and we were in it together. She was making really great eye contact and trully listening to me...With 10 or so other pit bulls around her...course that may have had something to do with the chopped up bits of fried steak I had in my pocket. Nevertheless, we had eachother captivated for the entire class. It was so wonderful. We have some homework, which we will start working on tomorrow when I get back from state board. She's really starting to see me as her leader, which is a really important step. Silly monkey...She can be a princess all she long as she knows who her queen is (ahem...that would be me, thankyou).

Whelp...I don't have much else to write for now...Gonna go play solitaire until Dylan gets here to dogsit :P

2005-09-11 14:29:47 ET

make sure whoever you take remembers their ID! Very important. Good luck on the finger waves and pincurls! :)

2005-09-11 19:26:13 ET

Yay, good luck hun...I will keep my fingers crossed for ya1 And grats on the puppy classes as fun! :)

2005-09-12 06:40:21 ET

Hey, good luck the State Board Shannon, knowing you it'll be a cake walk.

2005-09-12 16:09:47 ET

Haha, thanks you guys...I am happy to report that I passed! :]

Oooph, Mauzer, it was nothing like a cake walk :P It was the most intense, stressful situation I've ever been in. But it's over, and I never have to do it again! WOOT!

Will have a full report later.

2005-09-12 17:51:56 ET


2005-09-12 22:16:37 ET

WHEE! Grats!

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