Piece of Cake?
2005-09-13 07:15:24 ET


While I was doing the practical, I totally thought I would fail, too, haha. Now, for anyone who's gone through it, please don't hate me. I got the EASIEST test out there...for me, anyway...which included Makeup instead of a facial, which for anyone who knows me knows i was stoked when I saw that on my "schedule"...The gods were totally looking out for me yesturday. Also, somehow I managed to not have to do an artificial nail application, *AND* I only had to do 3 pincurls, not 15. The examiner practically ignored me the entire time, and when she did come check, she was impressed with me...I only messed up 3 times...other than not being able to finish 3 of my procedures...wow...do we see a pattern here? I was also at station #3...hrm...

First I messed up with the thermal press & curl...which is the pressing comb and marcel iron. Both of these are old fashioned in that you don't plug them in. You put them into this little oven thing and they heat up that way. My mistake was putting the oven on my station's counter, and not on my little table thing (it was too close to the shelves and other stuff that could be affected by heat). Then, at one point, I thought I had rinsed out a chemical straightener completely, but I hadn't, and then the final time was one of my perm rods wasn't wrapped correctly.

I didn't finish my soft curl perm...I forgot to shampoo him after she took the rods out. I didn't finish my pedicure because I took so much time on the soft curl perm, and I didn't finish my makeup, cuz I got hung up on my fingerwaves.

Amazingly enough, she either didn't notice the burn on my hand or didn't care...it wasn't an open wound when I started, but the blister popped midway through the test. Because I didn't want to loose time in putting on a bandaid, I didn't bother. She wasn't paying attention to me much, anyway...there were other people who were taking her attention most of the test, although she did come watch me a couple of times, thankfully, it was mostly at my best moments, haha...and usually when I was wearing a glove, or when my thumb was tucked out of the way while I was doing the haircut.

It was funny, too...it seemed like the two main people I dealt with were especially nice to me. The examiner, who is this super sweet no-nonsense-but-I-know-this-is-stressful-and-there's-no-reason-to-be-mean older lady who looked like she walked out of 1952, and the Supervisor, who's the one who checked us all in and gave us our orientation. It felt like someone had called them that morning and said "This girl is coming in...be really nice to her."

Other cool/wierd things besides the series of 3's earlier is that when I rented my kit, I also rented a study guide, which the rental lady had organized by numbers...mine was #6-my lucky number. Also, when I got to the test, they gave us all a little piece of paper to write our name and our file number on...all of which had a little number scrawled into the upper left hand corner...wanna take a guess at what my number was? That's right...#6.

Anywho...gonna go get ready for work...I have to go get my license laminated before I start, YEEEEEEEHAW!

2005-09-13 10:43:58 ET

YAY! Are you doing to do anything to celebrate?

2005-09-14 17:26:26 ET

I was wanting to have a party, but I don't know when it will be. Next week, I'm thinking :] If anything does happen, you shall know about it :]

2005-09-15 12:28:24 ET

w00t :)
*HUG* grats again :)

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