You know you want it...
2005-10-06 17:58:00 ET

You know you need a haircut, or know someone who does, so:

I will do it in the homey, yet "Addams Family-esque", environment of my livingroom, or I can come to you for an extra fee.

Prices are a sliding scale, $30 and up, and a consultation in person or over the phone is reccomended, but not required. Color services are also available, but we have to have an in-person consultation before we can schedule the service and negotiate prices.

I have spent the last two years training at one of the best salons not only in Berkeley or CA, but one of the top 200 salons in the country: Peter Thomas Hair Design. Also, I am a licensed cosmetologist in the state of CA, and I'm just plain good at what I do.

If you prefer a more professional salon environment, head down to the corner and pick up an East Bay Express newspaper. Not only does this get you out of the house and cost you nothing, but inside, you will find a coupon for a $36 haircut (regularly $41) with me, Shannon, at Peter Thomas Hair Design. While you're at it, you might as well treat yourself to half price color at the salon as well. That's half price on any color service (no coupon necessary, promotion ends Jan. 28, 2006 to be replaced by a 25% reduced color offer).

You know you want it! Drop me a line when you're ready for your next haircut or color service!!

2005-10-09 17:28:47 ET

My stepmom is a hairstylist too and has started doing hair in her offtime at home too. It's an awesome way to get extra cash. <3

2005-10-09 20:53:01 ET

It sure is! :D

2005-10-12 20:41:19 ET

I wish I lived by you. I just got mine done today and the lady didn't listen to me at all about what i wanted, I hate it!

2005-10-13 18:17:25 ET

OMG, what a bummer! It makes me angry to hear stuff like that because there's no excuse for that! Don't say you understand if you really dont, man!

2005-10-13 23:54:20 ET

Yeah. Well I only live like oh 10 hours from you, next time i'll just have to drive out there haha.

2005-10-14 06:07:13 ET

haha, rock on. I'll look forward to it. Where are you?

2005-10-15 21:24:24 ET

Scottsdale, AZ

2005-10-16 02:22:08 ET

My grandpa lives in Phoenix. Mayhap you'll be ready for a new hairdo next time I drop by to visit him :]

2005-10-16 19:41:32 ET


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