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2005-10-19 22:34:56 ET

/begin rant

Jeepers, I hate life today. I wish the red tide would come in so I can stop PMSing already...If this keeps up, I'll have no sanity left. I can pull it together mostly for work, but I cracked a little this morning (poor AmyMc!).

Anyhow...after a super-stressful-running-around-like-some-kind-of-turkey, my ticket is finally paid. THANK THE GODS. That thing was praying on my mind like a...turkey (??). As much as I shouldn't have gotten the ticket in the first place, it was far more worth it for me to just pay the stupid thing and be done with it. I just hope that the city of berkeley doesn't decide to give me any more grief about my dog (who, in case you don't know the story, didn't do anything wrong, btw. I tied her up outside a business, since there was no room in my invisible wonder-woman car (I had to take the invisible car because my invisible jet is in the invisible shop being fixed by an invisibly hot man with dreadlocks...which are also invisible, in case you were wondering), and some jerk cop with nothing better to do decided to make an issue of it, despite the fact that EVERYONE in Berkeley ties their dogs up outside...sometimes for hours while they're grocery shopping...mine just happens to be part pit bull, and I'm sure that's really the root of this problem) If they do, they will have a fight on their hands. Ain't nobody messing with MY baby...I'm ready, you bastards...bring it on! I'd just like to see you try to mess with me right now. ::shakes fist in a threatening manner...or, threatening of a manner as I can muster, anyway...which looks more like a laurel and hardy episode::

And now? Now I'm getting sick...and my dog needs to eat her freakin dinner so I can give her her medicine and go to bed already. That Ashby is such a troublemaker, I swear. Always causin trouble.

Ok, that's enough for's hopin no more light bulbs burn out. On the upside, we'll save a bundle on electricity if we don't use any lights. May be a good thing, as PG&E are raising their rates 70% this winter. Heaven forbid anyone but the rich be warm and able to see after dark. Maybe it'll work out for the best...if all us poor public serving folk get colds, we'll get all the rich people sick, and therein lies our revenge...except, ofcourse, that all the rich people have health insurance and will just go get antibiotics and be fine in two days, when we're all still sick. Ugh...there's no rest for the wicked.

I have no options left but to be amused at this point. Unless, ofcourse, I want my head to explode...which I don't because Ashby might eat my brains, and that's just disturbing.

/end rant

P.S. I think there's someone living in an abandoned car in our parking lot who steals our cigarettes.

2005-10-31 20:19:04 ET

STUPID COPS! PITTYS ARE THE BEST! Ashby is lucky to have such a good mommy!

2005-11-01 01:34:33 ET

they are the best! I saw lotsa pittie pride tonight in the Castro, too, and I proudly displayed my "I (heart) My Pit Bull" pin :]

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