Hairdressers and Saving the World.
2005-11-10 20:32:27 ET

Problem resolved at work. Unspoken apologies and a truce were done made.

Anyhow. We had a benefit for the Lance Armstrong Foundation last night, and it was awesome. For ages, I've been trying to figure out a way that I could do some good with my hairstuff, and last night, I donated five appointments to cancer research. The whole salon was in on it, ten stylists. Haircuts were $35 each, and 100% went to the foundation. You know...out of 280,000 salons in the US, if every single one took one half day out of every year to do something like this, just imagine how much hair stylists could do to give back to the community. I mean, that's five hours out of every YEAR. Let's say 5 stylists from every salon in the US participated at $35/haircut for five haircuts in one day per year. That's $875 per salon. That's Twenty four and a half MILLION dollars. Jeepers, the possibilities are endless. Cancer Research, AIDS Research, Hurricane Releif, The Rain Forests, Helping the Homeless, Starving children in...anywhere... you name it. There are literally thousands of ways that kind of money could be split up. And say it's twice a year? Three times? The possibilities are endless.

I wonder how someone would go about instating a National Charity day, where for just five hours per day, businesses would donate all of their profits to a charity of their choice. I would assume one would need to be friends with someone of the political persuasion.

Or even go to each and every salon (yes, all 280,000 of them) and do a presentation or something. Help them set up a benefit for their favorite charities, even something as simple as creating a fund to begin building safer neighborhoods in the inner cities/high crime, scary areas.

Doing what you love to bring out good in the world. Now THAT'S a good donation.

2005-11-10 21:39:02 ET

what the government should slready being using taxes for

2005-11-11 06:40:55 ET


2005-11-11 23:02:37 ET

Or money to save the pittys!

2005-11-12 05:52:27 ET

That's exactly what I was thinking :] I'm in the process of feeling people out. Seeing how they would feel about doing something like that.

2005-11-12 11:53:45 ET


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