2006-03-07 17:03:46 ET

So, I got home from work, tired and hungry, and, as per usual, the first things I do involve the pet care. So I fed the cat, romped with the dog until her excitement wore off enough to go, "Oh! You're home! Good, you can take me out to pee, now." Everything is pretty routine until I glance over in the "going to the dump" spot of our trash area. Lo and behold...Someone is moving and is getting rid of their bed. FREE NEW BED! WHEEEE! It is in very good condition and doesn't smell funny or anything, so I grabbed that mofo and threw it underneath my very sad futon mattress.

For those of you who don't know, last summer, Ashby got very sick (to this day I think it's because the vet told me to feed her a greenie every single day), and she barfed and pooed all over my room. One of the two mattresses on my bed was so covered in grossness that I had to throw it away...there was no salvaging that puppy. So my one pathetic little futon mattress was doing it's best to support my back and be comfy...and let me tell weren't doin' a good job.

So after I put the new mattress on my bed underneath the old was like sex all over my back. Ashby likes it, too, and hasn't budged since I set it up.


2006-03-07 19:36:41 ET


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