Getting out and Being Social
2006-03-12 10:32:48 ET

SO....I hope to be making it out to DG anniversary tomorrow night, but I don't know if that'll happen. I haven't missed an anniversary since I started going clubbing (once by accident, lol), and I'd be very sad if I missed it. But...I have to be at work at 9:45 the next day, so clubbing monday night may not actually, if it's raining, it'll suck balls, since I never spend much time inside on anniversary nights. If DG were still on market, it would be in the bag, cuz I could leave whenever I wanted, but since it's not, things may get a little...uhm...notgoingish.

However, regardless of what happens on Monday, I thoroughly intend to be at the Berkeley Tuesday night club. I forget the name of it, now...As-something. I keep meaning to go and remembering that I meant to go on Wed. morning when I read about what a fun night everyone had :P (HINT: Peeps should nag me).

Speaking of rain...that's what it's doing right now. I was hoping to get Ashby out for a lengthy walk today, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards. So instead I will bake her some St. Puptricks Cakes :D

2006-03-12 14:23:34 ET

Yay! I might be going also, not sure. And the Berkeley club is called Animate ;)

2006-03-12 20:51:26 ET

We need to go to Cafe Van Cleef sometime.

2006-03-12 22:00:49 ET

Femm: If you go, do you think your ride will have room for an extra person? :D

Mauz: Yesh, we sure do. Have you been to the Acme, yet? How is life in the city?

2006-03-13 08:14:59 ET

I dunno, I will ask the Ben!

2006-03-13 14:13:40 ET

Acme is OK. City life is awsome, I really love it here.

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