End of Quit Day, Beginning Day 1
2006-04-07 04:41:36 ET

I am a nonsmoker (again). YAY! The only thing that really, really sucks is this:

When you smoke, the heat of the smoke burns the back of your throat (that nice burny feeling when you inhale), the nicotine, being the powerful drug that it is, numbs that area for you so other than that quick little rush, you don't feel it...

...so when you quit smoking, you feel like you've been eating rose bushes. I don't remember this happening last time I quit :/

More incentive not to fall off the wagon, right? I totally never want to go through this shit again.

Ok...time for some mint tea and waking uppins of the boy.

2006-04-07 22:22:17 ET

now, what you need here as a congratulations is a kitten with a baby skunk. Luckily, I have just the thing.

May they be a source of good luck for you. DEATH BY CUTENESS!!!

2006-04-08 08:03:34 ET


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