2006-04-17 13:24:35 ET

I don't know if it's psychosymatic or what...but I'm loving this "extra energy" and "easy breathing" thing from not smoking. Not to mention that they're right. It does get easier every day. When I look at how hard it was that first day and compare it to today, the difference is vast in my temptation levels. Even though I jokingly ask Waylon for cigarettes when I'm stressed.

Anyhow...Ashby is diggin my new excersize regimen (walking her), and we did a big one. My goal is to be able to get up to Tilden and be able to hike through there, too. We started building our stamina a little bit today. We walked from my place all the way to Cedar and Euclid...which is almost to Tilden...maybe a half mile or so away. WHen I got home, I went on mapquest to see how far we'd traveled. 6.04 miles total, since we took a detour down telegraph to Pet Food Express on the way home. That was so much fun. I've never enjoyed a walk with Ashby so much in my life. A lot of it is thanks to the new walking technique, and finally...after four or so years...figuring out the proper way to use and fit a pinch collar :P I was encouraged, too...for some of the walk, I just used her flat collar, and she did pretty well. Better than usual, anyway. My ultimate goal is to be able to eliminate the pinch collar all together...and I feel like we're on our way :D

Ok...time for late lunch...Ciao!

2006-04-17 23:44:44 ET

:D Grats BB--sounds good to me!

2006-04-18 06:40:48 ET


2006-04-18 07:51:10 ET

baby...the lazy way ;)

2006-04-18 16:50:24 ET


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