2006-05-10 07:45:12 ET

So I decided yesturday I'm going to plan this thing. A benefit for the power breeds of the canine world, honoring, in particular, the pitties. Who knows if it will happen this way, but I want there to be a hair/fashion show, and people doing haircuts and dog grooming on the side. The two main purposes of this thing is to promote awareness about the breeds that the world once loved but now fear, and to raise monies for Bad Rap and the Milo Foundation.

Preliminary Planning is coming along ok. Before I do anything, I need to find a venue, I think. I really don't know what the first step is for something like this...Mayhap that's why I didn't do it before. Well, that, and the whole fear thing. This is so much bigger than me, it's all so scarylike.

I've got my letters written, I have the adresses. Now, I just need to meet with some people who know things about this kind of stuff. Anyone? I also need to get a budget together, so I can start asking people who have lots of money if they'd like to be my "sugar daddy"...but, hopefully, without the sugar :P I already have a person or two in mind...and one secret person, if I can get past all of his executives and agents and whatnot, that I think could be a major player...if I can just get him notice little old me. I may be setting my sights high, but better to set them too high and not achieve what was possible, than to set them too low and not even try for it.

I think the scariest part about this thing is that I'm this nobody that no one has ever heard of before, least of all these people I'm asking to be my guests of honor/main audience pullers...and the media.

Jeepers. I feel like a little fawn inside. But I'm gonna do it...and it's going to be wonderful. Alright...who wants to volunteer? ;]

2006-05-10 09:58:14 ET

I will...lemme know as soon as you get a date so I make sure I'm off. I've never been a part of something this big either, but I'll spread out my feelers and see what I can find.

Lemme know what you need me to do, and I'll do it!

2006-05-10 11:07:39 ET

I'll be free between end of school (May 23rd) and Europe (June 20th). Also, try contacting Alpha Pet Supply, they should be able to offer some assistance.

2006-05-10 16:33:36 ET

Thanks you guys :] I want to take some serious time to really organize and plan this sucker out, so it'll be a few months of planning and sheer panic, at least, lol... because I want some pretty big names in the dog community there doing some talks and stuff...mainly for the benefit of the media...who I also want there. :D

2006-05-10 16:40:11 ET

Idea's speak for themselves. Shannon your smart with a big heart, you can make it happen.

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