2006-05-24 15:36:48 ET

One month, two weeks, and three days since i quit smoking. I barely think about it anymore. Oddly enough, I think I became a better hairstylist by quitting smoking. Mainly because it's easier to focus on someone without the underlying cravings.

No word, yet, on the venue. I hope they don't just ignore me.

ok...going nappy time now.

2006-05-24 15:42:14 ET

oh congrats

2006-05-24 18:25:34 ET

thanks! :]

2006-05-24 18:26:24 ET

your welx

2006-05-24 18:29:58 ET


2006-06-24 06:42:19 ET

i just quit on 666 and i am sure that it is making me a better (well more attentive anyway) bartender...congrats girl!

2006-06-24 09:49:37 ET

I quit and its been almost a week. Its been hard as hell. Anything you can suggest?

2006-06-24 21:09:23 ET

frozen grapes have been a salvation to me...

2006-06-25 07:28:15 ET

ooo...frozen grapes sound loverly. Reward the hell out of yourself...don't watch what you eat...hostess chocolate cupcakes were my salvation...and uh...starting a new hobby...something that's exciting to you. (my choices were hiking, embroidary, cooking, and folding paper fact folding paper cranes is awesome because it's definately not something you could do while smoking (I tried once, before I quit). Haha...I started a bunch of things at once so I would focus on keeping that stuff organized, and not on the fact I wasn't smoking. Be as productive as humanly possible...and you're doing great...a week doesn't sound like much, but it is quite an accomplishment.

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