2006-06-13 07:39:25 ET

I watched the infamous "Meet Your Meat" video last night. If I was wishy washy before about not eating meat, I'm stone cold cement about it, now. Ofcourse, I had some idea of the abuse these poor animals endure, but seeing it is something completely different. Want to torture your own soul? Even Waylon is now wanting to become a vegetarian.

Anyhow, so free time today is spend looking up vegetarian recipes and making a shopping list. I did, however, find a recipe for vegetarian pad thai...WOOT! :D

2006-06-13 08:58:21 ET

eat free range then.

damn PETA. friggin Eco-terrorists and propagada abusers

2006-06-13 10:49:51 ET

mmmm pad thai! :)

I agree with Sub about the meat thang...not all animals raised for meat are abused. Buying from small local farms and free range only will reduce the risk of you eatting meat that comes from abused animals.

Of course, whether you buy for it or not, many of the animals ARE abused--either way (not buying, or buying only what you know led a decent life up until its death) you make a possitive point.

2006-06-13 12:32:04 ET

Sonik: Free range is far more expensive and doesn't change the fact that animal fat causes obesity, high cholestrol, hyper tension and other health problems LATER in life.

Fem: Unfortunately, because big industry is so successful, small industry is not. The number of small farms that provides our local health stores with free range meat can be counted on a yard stick. Literally. Each year, more and more small range farms go out of business, leaving free range eaters with less product and more expense.

2006-06-13 13:55:32 ET

*twitches slightly, shuts his mouth, and walks away*

2006-06-13 17:52:46 ET

Wow, I didn;t realize that not eating meat was such a controversy.

Sonik: I don't agree with PETA, either, for the most part (they are, after all, pro BSL, and the head of the org is a total nutbar), however, they are not the only ones out there who have videos like these... So the alternative is to not eat meat. Why is that so terrible?

2006-06-13 18:09:36 ET

Rivet: of course the majority of the meat business is using the practices used in the video.... It is a more lucritive way of doing things. That doesn't make it right, or even ok. But, that is why it is all the more important to support the smaller farms who put ethics over profit. The more people that turn a blind eye and don't support these farms, the more that will go out of business. When I buy animal products (which I rarely do except eggs), I want to have that option. Now, realisticly, to boycott the inhumane treatment of animals, you have to become vegan (think about it--how many things do you use every day that have animal by-products in them? These assholes may be cruel, but they use every inch that they can get money for), which very few people are willing to do. But that doesn't mean that we can't show the industry that we aren't impressed by thier actions. If more people take up the call (and I'm not just talking about extremists a la PETA, but normal Joes with decentcy) and we get the right people to listen, things can change.

2006-06-13 18:58:10 ET

Well, perhaps it is a matter of geography. Where I come from in Southern California, Free range eggs are ample and therefore I can buy them regularly. I use them sparingly, however, because they contain cholesterol. I have actually been to a free range ranch before and the animals there were well treated, corn fed and cageless. Their nesting areas were clean and relatively spacious. I feel no guilt in consuming free range eggs, so I disagree with your theory on veganism being the only way to boycott.

Furthermore, concerning boycotting--as I'm sure you'll agree, it isn't changing things yet. We still have a way to go before things change--if they ever will. Americans love to eat meat. As does a very great many other nations. In fact, most of them. There's also the matter of health, however. Even if a person would disagree with me about how unhealthful consuming animal meat is, you can't deny the fact that meat eaters are consuming what is cured into the product. The animals they eat are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones which are then transferred over to the meat that plops on people's tables. The FDA and USDA refuse to accept study results concerning the unhealthful effects on human digestion and overall health when treated animal meat is consumed. Therefore, by law, all free range animal product farms are forced to make statements on their products to the effect of "there is no significant difference reported by the FDA concerning the affects of blah blah on human health". This, of course, retroacts the good name of the farmer who is offering chemical free animal product.

I agree that things will change. But it is a matter of evolution as is every other bit of information. Change is slow. By the time humans are ready to accept the fact that animal consumption is unhealthful, there won't be much healthy land to raise animals on anyway. That's my theory. Thanks for the conversation. ^_^

2006-06-13 19:11:12 ET


2006-06-13 22:48:17 ET

Amen Rivet--agreed and agreed. Support free range, non-hormone fed critters!

2006-06-14 05:50:00 ET

I think we're miscommunicating, Fem. I was also trying to say that it is difficult to support free range because of the labels that free range farmers have to place on their products. I'm a lot more supportive of free range, yes, but I still feel that it isn't helping.

Sub: I am entitled to my opinions. You running off and not giving your input said to me that you were not interested in debating the issue. I can guess why. Now for you to make a stupid face at me like I'm crazy or something--perhaps you should just come out and say what it is you want to say. And if you don't like my loaded opinion, then run off again.

2006-06-14 06:01:36 ET

Wow...I appreciate that you guys are so into my post, lol. But, please, no fighting on my blog ;]

2006-06-14 06:54:41 ET

I apologize, Jynx, for it happening on your page.

2006-06-14 06:58:05 ET

s'okay, lady ;]

2006-06-14 18:42:53 ET

While animal fat causes health problems later in life it's proven to help mental development and health early in life.

the trick is to not consume in excess but it certainly seems like a damned if you do damned if you don't situation.

yesterday was a bad day, I had issues articulating that.

It all comes down to personal preference and while some feel it's wrong to farm and eat animals others feel entitled to eat affordable meat.

For the time being the latter are in the majority but if they ever synthesize meat... I'll eat that instead ;)

2006-06-16 07:40:32 ET

Animal fat has NOT been proven to help mental development in children. It HAS been proven that large amounts of protein help the brain grow during childhood.

I like your last statement. Not many people want to give up dirty cow for manufactured meat. :)

2006-06-16 07:46:57 ET

ah, a mis-speak on my part. I was reffering to the size of the brain but you're right, theres a difference.

yeah I'd have no problem eating artificial foods. Chemistry ftw

2006-06-16 11:33:56 ET

Fem, I also totally forgot to finish this thought:

2006-06-13 23:58:10 ET

Well, perhaps it is a matter of geography. Where I come from in Southern California, Free range eggs are ample and therefore I can buy them regularly.

The second part to this thought was this:

But free range meat products, however, are incredibly rare in Southern California. You can find a few items at Trader Joe's but they go fast and they are incredibly overpriced.

2006-06-16 13:58:17 ET

Meat products are certainly harder to find and obscenely priced up here in N CA too...which is one of the reasons why I primarily buy them egg thangs but rarely get them meaty bits. Although, I have noticed that Safeway is starting to carry more organic stuffs that are (more) reasonably priced, and am hoping that that might soon translate into more humane meaty bits, as well.

2006-06-16 15:01:25 ET

I was surprised to find, last thanksgiving, that the turkey I bought from safeway was free range :]

2006-06-16 22:39:06 ET

YAY free Range!!


2006-06-19 11:50:33 ET

-_- Another downfall to food that doesn't come from bad sorces--it rots faster.

I'm still determined to keep buying friendly eggs and dairy products, but man I never saw a rotten egg that molded from the inside before the other day...

2006-06-19 14:04:08 ET

ewww...thankfully, between my bf and I, we tend to eat a lot of eggs :P

2006-06-19 16:10:27 ET

Ok. Thats gross :P Intriguing...but gross!

2006-06-20 09:31:02 ET

LOL If it makes you feel any better--I didn't smell anything. So I guess hormone free chicken embryos just don't last long. :(

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