More yummy food
2006-06-16 13:42:06 ET

I will probably never cook like this again, lol. In fact, I can feel the "fuck it, let's order pizza" bug coming on. However, I made some awesome fudd last night that Waylon accused of being "restaurant quality" teehee...and for once, a compliment I agree with. Creamy Potato soup and spicy chickpea samosas (from scratch). The two go together wonderfully!

Eep! I gotta get friend I was doing the project for has another project for me and is picking me up in ten minutes...jeepers!

2006-06-16 13:58:55 ET

oooooh, sounds heavenly!

2006-06-16 14:10:31 ET

sounds so delicious *drools*

2006-06-16 14:59:00 ET

I'm droolin just thinkin about it...time to throw a dinner party. methinks

2006-06-16 22:38:26 ET

Oh! Yes! I'm so there!

2006-06-17 05:02:59 ET

me too

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