I lurve the dawg...
2006-06-28 06:51:55 ET

...she is many things as well as a source of random, simple amusement.

Currently she is eating by taking a mouthful of food, spitting it onto the floor, and then eating it.

Earlier, she was attacking my foot as I was trying to do ballet-type kicky things. (pliate? (pronounced pLEE-Ay).

...and people are amazed that I want her name tattooed on me ;]

2006-06-28 07:51:35 ET

one of my cat eats like that, but she drop the mouthful of food in allll sorts of places, then leaves crumbs everywhere, lol

2006-06-28 07:52:49 ET

hehhe my dogs do that too.

pets really are a simple pleasure =)

2006-06-28 08:17:18 ET

My dog eats like that allll the time.

He prefers to fill his mouth, then run out of the room and spit it on the bed to eat it.

2006-06-28 10:45:31 ET

pets are the shit. Yes'm they be :D

Bear used to picnic too...he liked eating where I was so he'd grab a mouthfull, run over to me, eat it, then do it all over again. So cute!

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