2006-07-21 11:56:25 ET

Getting to work has been difficult this week. I guess I am feeling less than adequate...which I know I'm not, but try telling my head that. Debating the whole hair thing, now. You just can't please everyone, and that is traumatizing for me. I get weird and panicky when I have to go to work...I can't imagine why I went from "I LOVE MY JOB!" to "I'm afraid of my job".

In any case, I'm off again today,...I was going to get some work done on the apt., but I'm not feeling motivated...I'm not even motivated to leave the house to get food...which we are out of here. WOOT!'

Anyhow...people suck...then we move on, I guess...

More later...

2006-07-22 05:41:51 ET

*HUG* !!!!!

Seriously, if you ever want a grocery shopping buddy/ride, lemme know. I'm usually up by 3-4pm, so anytime after that is groovy. Foodings are good...getting foodings when you have access to a car even better :)

2006-07-23 09:54:19 ET

Aww, thanks lady :] I will remembers that with yummy-cooked dindins of doom ;D I ended up going to the corner store and getting a premade sammich...and then coming down with the worst migrane in the known universe...icky. I'm pretending like Friday didn't exist, hehe ;]

2006-07-23 14:28:58 ET

Oh noes! Well, thats the heat for ya, I guess. I'm blame everything on the heat, atm....

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