2006-09-20 08:54:05 ET

Finally able to get online...the last few days have been spotty with my damn DSL, but I just learned a trick that may help in the future :D

SOOO freakin busy, now, dude. Let's see...I've got two jobs (at the same place, thankfully- I'm toggling between hair stylist and receptionist at the salon), two schools, a boyfriend, a dog, and a budding social life...wtf? I'm also really into the first Harry Potter book...I haven't read any of them until now...last time I tried, I couldn't get into it, but my like my momma always says: sometimes there's a right time and a wrong time to start reading a book ;]

Anyhow, I slept in far too late today...I was up until 2am doing math homework last night...and still didn't finish. I was going to finish this am, but there isn't time, now. I have to leave in an hour and a half and my poor doglet needs a walk (I promised her we'd go to return the movies today before I went to class)...it's been, like, a week- poor moo.

In other news, my hair smells really good, but it's a tangled mess. I really like the length of the extensions a lot...and I'm going to hate to take them out...but I really should have gotten a haircut before I put them in...and I also should have bought the brush that comes with the kit. Next time. ;]

I'd better get going. Ashby's not nagging me, which is nice of her, but a promise is a promise.

2006-09-20 10:02:25 ET

HUG! Lemme know when you have time for outtings, and we do something. saph didn't like the movie last night, but the rest of us did--so I'm not sure if you missed anything or not :P Anywho, good luck with the crazy schedule, and at the very least, I'll see you next monday! MWAH!

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