2006-11-22 05:54:56 ET

It's amazing how much I've learned about pit bulls over the last year or so. Since I jumped on the bandwagon, I've read about the breed, about BSL, about the media misrepresenting the stories, only telling half of the truth, completely ignoring big expert sources like the California Veterinary Medical Assoc. and the American Veterinary Medical Assoc., and the AKC, etc, etc.

Anyway, point being is this stuff is so ingrained in my brain by now I didn't even thin to cite some of it in my which my teacher replied "Naughty, naughty, re-locate your sources you bad girl" (although, not exactly in those words). For example, it is very difficult to locate, one year later, the store about Denver Animal Control Officers jumping over fences to confiscate dogs after the ban was enforced. It took me almost four hours to find anything at all, most of the news from a year ago having been lost. Then finally, it was there...a piece of the story I was looking for. One of the people in the "underground pit bull rail road" talked briefly about some owners who told her what happened. I would be able to make my case stronger, however, if I could find a story just about that, though. I will have to go to the library and dig through their periodicals, I think.

Anyway, I've just woken up to be at work by nine, and boy do I feel like arse. My throat is on fire, and I'm completely exhausted, but it's ok. I'm only working from 9-12 and then I'm coming home. Woot.

Alright...gotta get ready...

2006-11-25 22:16:47 ET

Ugh, citing sources sucks when it is stuff that you have learned on yer own pre-paper. Lame sauce. Good luck--you may try contacting CHAKO about it, I bet they would have stuff like that archived somewhere.

Luck muffin!!

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