2006-12-08 06:46:39 ET

So, I may not be going to New York for NYE, but I *am* going to Savannah a couple of weeks later!! YAYAY!! I bought my tickets yesturday -a really good deal on a clearance fair from Hotwire.com at $230 ROUND TRIP. My seats are reserved, so in other words, I'm paying a little over $100 more than last time, but I won't be flying stand-by. HOORAY!

I also finally invested in Dansko shoes. You know, the expensive ones for people who work on their feet all the time. They have awesome support, but still need to be broken in :/

Anyhow...gonna go back to bed...super tired from studying all week.

2006-12-08 09:12:22 ET

Hey, thats awesome, congrats!! Breaking shoes in sucks, but I'm sure they will be super comfy once you do. It will feel like you are walking on air :)

So...what are we gonna do for NYE, since half the peeps are gonna be in NYC? I checked a tentative schedule, and it looks like Kamal gave me the 31st AND the 1st off :)

2006-12-08 11:54:36 ET

WOOT! We shoud get stinkin drunk, thats what ;] Question is...where?

2006-12-08 11:56:00 ET

I don't know! Everyone and their mother will most likely be packed. There will have to be some though put into this, I feel. I would also like to go somewhere that is easily accessible to someplace where I can crash, since I wanna get my drink on too, yo. Or,a t least have the option :P

2006-12-08 22:40:46 ET

You can totally crash here, if you want. Thalassa is within walking distance, but it'll be a madhouse...we could invite a couple people over and get a bunch of liquer in us, play board games or whatnot, maybe? We could also BART out to the city and go to north beach to bar hop, since most SF folks will likely be in the Castro.

2006-12-09 09:31:23 ET

Hrm, yes. Call me crazy, but I dig the board game idea :P

2006-12-10 09:41:54 ET

me too :]

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