Under My Skin
2007-01-17 18:33:43 ET

Everyone who knows me would say that I am a tolerant and patient person- often too tolerant and patient- but there is one thing I have absolutely no patience for and will NOT put up with anymore: People who are so insecure that they have to attack another person's insecurities, or rub a mistake in someone's face in order to either feel like a cooler person, or get a laugh out of the crowd. You know the situation I mean...we have, all of us, found ourselves in the position where we were somebody else's scapegoat...in High School. We are all adults now, people. Learn how to crack jokes without making other people uncomfortable. No, don't give me "Well, I didn't know, they shoulda said something..." because that is bullshit. Even the least perceptive people can tell when someone is uncomfortable with how far a joke has gone. Additionally, if someone makes a mistake and you catch it, there is absolutely no need to attack that person. Educate them, if you feel the need, but attacking them just makes you look like the insecure bully that you are.

It's been a long time since I've seen such cruelty from so-called friends, and I only have four words to say: Grow The Fuck Up.

2007-01-18 08:43:27 ET

amen, sistah.

2007-01-24 19:32:12 ET

i highly agree....this is still a problem with the adults where i live....it's quite sad actually...so i just stay in my room and i avoid and ignore everyone that isn't on sk.

2007-01-24 20:53:33 ET

lol, wtg treason ;]

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