2007-01-24 08:34:08 ET

It's official: I have the stomach flu, and it's infuriating. It's almost impossible to take care of myself. I can't stand up for more than 3 or 4 min at a time, which makes it difficult to make anything to eat, and I have had to miss one day of work and one day of far-I'm hoping I won't have to miss anymore. I hate not being able to rely on myself, and being pretty much bed ridden.

So, if you've been calling me, this is why I haven't called you back. I'm not dead...I'm just very sick :[

2007-01-24 09:08:37 ET

Poor muffin! I've hit the broke stage, but if you give me money I can totally go shopping for you if you need anything. I'm down in Santa Clara for the rest of the morning, but I should be back up in the East Bay mid afternoonish. Gimme a call if you want anything!

2007-01-24 20:55:23 ET

aw, thanks lady. I ended up makin it out to the store...I am feeling much better today, but I'm also slightly delerious...we'll see what happens tomorrow when I have an actual meal ;]

2007-01-24 22:55:49 ET

*crosses fingers for ya*

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