2007-08-21 14:18:50 ET

-:Stage One:-

a) Obtain Hammer from Tool Lending Library.
1) Unload and sort out contents of Bookcases A and B.
2) Once Bookcases A and B are emptied, rearrange space in living room to accomodate bookcase A's slightly larger size.
3) Remove bookcase A from its previous residence and place in newly arranged space.
4) Stack bookcase B on top of bookcase A
5) Nail book case B to the wall.

Status: Complete.

-:Stage Two:-

a) Consume left over Chinese from last night.
1) Replace books on their newly arranged bookcases (A and B. Bookcase C has remained in it's normal location).
2) Come to terms with the realization that your apartment now looks like a library- it *is* kinda cool.
3) Comfort dog, who is stressed out because her environment is changing drastically.
4) Clean area previously occupied by bookcase A.
5) Clear all floor space.

Status: Processing

-:Stage Three:-
*Final Stage*

a) Remove dog from bedroom.
1) Unload and dismantle drafting table.
2) rearrange storage accommodations for "stuff under the drafting table."
3) Remove dog (who has returned to bedroom to nap) from bed.
4) Move head of bed to be against wall dividing bedrooms.
5) Clear floorspace that was until recently occupied by the bed.
6) Do laundry.
oh, and:
7) Return Hammer to Tool Lending Library (Possibly to be completed on Wed. 8/21).
8) Collapse in a heap on the floor and refuse to move until Waylon returns home from his day with food.

Status: Pending

2007-08-21 20:44:15 ET


Sounds like you had a very exciting day indeed! I hope Waylon gave you a good long massage after all the work that you did!

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