I am new :]
2002-11-14 11:18:49 ET

Yay! new toy! :]

I'm killing time before my "Holiday Meeting" for work, so I thought I would give into Lokichilde's nagging and join :P

2002-11-14 11:21:27 ET

*points and laughs*
you crumbled under peer pressure!

Welcome to SK anyways though.

2002-11-14 11:22:13 ET

Welcome to SK! Now that you're here...you'll NEVER want to leave...bwhahaha. >=)

2002-11-14 11:25:08 ET

welcome to sk! and yes, as i was just telling another new member, subkultures.net is like crack...except legal and arguably healthier.

2002-11-14 11:26:20 ET

Welcome to SK! I really like the colors you picked, this purple looks really awesome.

2002-11-14 11:26:20 ET

Warped is harmless.. really ... ;)

Now that you're here, you'll be totally addicted!!!!

YAY! *dances with her Shannie*

2002-11-14 11:27:36 ET

uh-oh. Starr and Jynx know each other?

2002-11-14 11:38:05 ET

Oh, yes, starr and jynx have known eachother for years :]

Chaotic Utopia: Thanks! Purple is my weakness :] lol

I already am addicted...lokichilde and I will be wrestling for the computer when I get home from my meeting tonight...he'll win, though....which is funny, cuz he's a foot shorter than me :P

fun, fun!! :] Thanks for all the welcomes, guys!! :]

2002-11-14 11:50:55 ET

Starr and Jynx go wayyyyyyyy back, my boy lives in the same town she does...and we still don't hang out enough!

2002-11-14 11:54:18 ET

welcome to the insane asylum. where nothing is sacred, where everyone's sexuality is called into question, and where you will be relentlessly stalked and pestered. ;P

2002-11-14 11:58:43 ET

Stalked? Who stalks?

*innocent whistle*

2002-11-14 12:03:32 ET

Welcome to SK! I agree with everyone... SK is rather addictive. You'll check back every three seconds to see if someone posted something in your journal. It's a good time.
If this were real life I'd give you a complimentary Jell-o mold

2002-11-14 12:11:49 ET


2002-11-14 12:12:26 ET

lol! Thank...yeah, I have been checking back every three seconds. This is fun! :]

2002-11-14 12:13:30 ET

haha. Well its all fun fun fun.. goodness i sould like a weirdo

2002-11-14 12:13:46 ET

I didn't heed their warnings when they said this place was addicting, but it is SO ADDICTING! :D

2002-11-14 12:15:01 ET

It is i agree, man its crazy

2002-11-14 12:48:04 ET

heh...newbie....can I eat your big toe?

2002-11-14 12:51:01 ET

Welcome to SubKrack......I mean Subkultures!!! Now where's Rude Boy, no worries he well be hear sometime soon. ;)

2002-11-14 12:51:14 ET

oh and HI!

2002-11-14 13:11:47 ET

Hello! Welcome to subkultures. Your avatar picture is delicious.

2002-11-14 14:06:21 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2002-11-14 14:09:47 ET

welcome and i love the purple!

2002-11-14 16:08:26 ET

It's semi-OK for peeps to nag - at least when my friends nag me to do something , I don't feel like a total recluse , which I
am in real life.

2002-11-14 16:10:59 ET

*dances* yay for everyone being nice to yoU!

2002-11-14 16:30:08 ET

yes hun, welcome to the land of the bored

2002-11-14 16:43:46 ET

Hahahaha....Azraeltrigger's comment just about sums EVERYTHING up...haha

2002-11-14 16:52:37 ET


2002-11-14 17:11:05 ET

woo ah.. i leave for a while and shabam.. tons of more people

2002-11-14 18:57:20 ET

hi :) welcome!

2002-11-14 19:07:10 ET

Hello, and welcome.

2002-11-15 05:37:20 ET

::welcomes and gyros::

2002-11-15 10:43:54 ET

lol, thanks everyone!! ::blushes:: :]

2002-11-15 13:46:24 ET

I saw when you were added to sk, when you added a picture, but i missed the entry.


2002-11-15 16:30:58 ET

Welcome to SK =]

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