2002-11-29 21:08:43 ET

So I was really sleepy earlier, but I decided to eat something and now I'm awake...which blows, cuz I have to be at work at 5am. Yuck. But then I will have all day to rest after that...Gotta work on the movie stuff for a bit, but that shouldn't be too invasive...just making a hair piece for a beard...But it's all good. We don't start shooting for another two weeks, so I have time to work on it.

Watching Cirque Du Soleil on TV. I looked to see if it was still in town, but it's in Tuscon, now :[ Oh, well.

Ok...time for cold meds that will put me out :]

2002-11-29 21:12:08 ET

fun fun...
where do you work?

2002-11-29 21:17:03 ET

Starbucks, making coffee...hate the hours you have to work to work at a coffee shop.

2002-11-29 21:19:33 ET


i need a job, theres a starbucks here, but i dont like coffee and i doubt they're hiring...hrm...and this town just hates me.

2002-11-29 21:27:23 ET

where are you from?

I'm getting sick of it there, cuz they dont allow facial piercings (not even tongue!) or colored hair other that natural colors. But they offer benefits for part time employees, so im stuck there for now.

2002-11-29 22:23:33 ET

im currently residing in missoula, montana...stuck here with the parents till i can afford to move somewhere better :-\

so yeah...need a job...heh

2002-11-29 22:24:02 ET

und j00?

2002-11-30 00:14:59 ET

ugg dmani need to fiund some kind of job this january.

2002-12-01 09:09:45 ET

I'm In California...not too far from San Francisco

2002-12-01 15:27:41 ET

ooh, awesome...i luuuuv san francisco...there and seattle are 2 definate possibilities of where i want to move...

2002-12-01 17:55:59 ET

go to SF. im an oakland kiddie who travels around.

2002-12-01 21:51:05 ET

Turbo - I hear seattle's really a cool place to live, if you like far as SF, be prepared for living in an EXPENSIVE place. I don't know what you're used to, but it's rare to find a place to live for under $900/month...$1,000/month if you're in the actual city...not to deter you, but just so ya know. It's really expensive...but it's fun. And there are ways to find cheap places to live. Like, in my area, there are people who rent out rooms for, like $500 to students or the like.

Botticelli - Yeah, I figured you were from the area, cuz I saw pix of Marshall on your journal :] Are you on your own in Oaktown?

2002-12-01 22:00:17 ET

yeah i know...sf's insanely expensive....meh...i need to get a job and money before i move who knows how long it'll take...but yeah...i just want to travel, too.

2002-12-01 22:02:33 ET

I've heard stories about people just gathering enough money to travel somewhere, and then get some cheap board (sometimes even free in exchange for chores or something) at youth hostels and working their way around the states and even the world. Maybe sumfin to check out, if you haven't already :]

2002-12-01 22:04:07 ET

yes... (-:

so many places i want to go/people i want to meet...

2002-12-01 22:08:15 ET

I know the feeling. My goals are centered here, though, so no traveling until I achieve them...or maybe when I take breaks from getting to my goals, cuz I have so many :]

I went to England with a student exchange program for two months over a summer semester a couple of years ago, and I SO want to go back. Even got to spend a week in France :]

2002-12-01 22:11:34 ET

cool...yeah i'd love to get to europe eventually as well....and hmmm, i have so much in mind that i want to do that i guess i dont particularly have any specific goals as of yet...i know what my talents are, and know i want to be sucessful somehow...thats about it...heh

2002-12-01 23:28:54 ET

Well, that's a good place to start. I've spent most of my adulthood trying to figure out what the hell I want to do.

2002-12-01 23:31:41 ET

yeah...personally i dont care all that much if i ever have an exact set-in-stone plan...i know what my talents are and what i can do...i just want to live life to the fullest...

2002-12-02 18:22:54 ET

Thats definately a good goal :]

2002-12-02 18:57:39 ET


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