Sneeze...or not
2002-12-01 09:15:36 ET

Still sick. Blech...I had an insanely long day yesturday. Worked from 5:15a - 1:45p...came home and crashed until 11. It was so wierd. I can't remember ever being that tired in my entire life. I seriously couldn't stay awake.

We got our groceries yesturday, too...DELIVERED! That was rad. Especially since we don't have a car. Safeway rocks. I miss webvan, though. They were cheaper. But that's okiez...prolly why they went under. :]

I got all my xmas shopping figured out. Not done...but figured out :P. Gonna do the budgeting later. N'stuff.


2002-12-01 10:28:22 ET

i have to go get some small gifts for people today. ugg. im afraid.

2002-12-01 16:26:28 ET

Im going to be crafty this xmas. I have to be..with the no $ thing :( But.. that makes the gifts more heartfelt! :)

I totally forgot about that delivery thing, Melanies parents have been useing it, i need to just start giving them my list and cash...

2002-12-01 19:30:18 ET


hope you get to feeling better (-:

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