Hungry, hungry, we have no food...
2002-12-12 16:17:46 ET

We need to go shopping, bad...grrr...I wish I wasn't so broke. See, guys, having a job does you no still don't have any money :P

I'm trying to figure out if paying a bill on time is more important than buying food...cuz I could just save the money I have, and use half of my tips next week to pay for the bill, but I'll be stealing pastries from work and living off of top ramen...(which doesn't sound all that bad right now, btw....starrrrving!)


I could use the money I have right now and put it towards groceries, and then I won't starve to death.

Grrrrowl. Stupid recession thing... }:[

2002-12-12 16:56:20 ET

Dood, when I was in college all we ate for 4 years was Mac'n'cheese and Top Ramen.

2002-12-12 16:57:03 ET

Mmmm...I have one box of mac n' cheese left...

2002-12-12 20:00:01 ET


and yes...maccaroni und cheese is the best

2002-12-12 21:04:15 ET

Grrrrowl. Stupid recession thing... }:[

HERE HERE!!! ok.. I totally hear what you're sayin...

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