Rain, rain go AWAY!
2002-12-14 22:05:32 ET

SO our place flooded last night. We were able to contain it very well, thankfully, and get the water out with cups :P Loki caulked (sp?) the inside where the water was coming in, and the outside as well....We were supposed to have the heaviest rains of this storm today, and so far I am unimpressed...not that I'm thoroughly interested in seeing Mother Nature's power to it's full extent.

Yay...the prole song...

I really want some type of edible that's sweet...our house is barren of sweets :[

suck :[

2002-12-15 00:13:32 ET

hmm...that sux about the flooding, good its all ok now

and hmm...we have rootbeer barrels i think...thats all i can think of thats sweet...lol...

2002-12-15 13:22:27 ET

that's scary! Glad to hear nothing was really damaged. You should really talk to your lanlord about it through, just so they know "hey..this happens when it pours!"

2002-12-15 19:01:58 ET

She already knows. We'd spent our first couple months here putting up sand bags and such trying to prevent it...but it's been raining all day today and the caulk is holding nicely :]

2002-12-16 09:16:53 ET

awesome... yea, it was pretty bad yesterday too.. i was all worried you guys were gonna get flooded again! *pheww*

2002-12-16 10:49:31 ET

We did :P wonderful...and way worse this time...but there were ponds all throughout san pablo and such, so it wasn't just us...we had about a two inch "river" running from the corner where it flooded last time out the front door. guh...

2002-12-16 12:18:00 ET


I hope you guys are staying dry and warm and have all electrical equipment placed safely high...

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