Semi-Akward moment..
2002-12-17 16:12:14 ET

I heard a lot of noise outside..I went to check it out, thinking it was the dogs...

It's dark, so I didn't wanna go behind the house, afraid I'd hurt myself, or get attacked by a homocidal maniac or something...out from behing my house comes a guy...there are three of them...they are working on the drainage thing...

scared the crap out of me...and then i had to tell him I thought that he was the dog for a minute :P

2002-12-17 18:46:17 ET fun

2002-12-17 18:54:21 ET

aren't they supposed to warn you when they'll be there!!! :p

2002-12-18 13:51:43 ET

They warned my land lady :P I don't think they knew I was in the cottage.

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