2002-12-18 16:37:44 ET

So we're takin' our little stinker to get spayed tomorrow mornin'. I am nervous for her. I know she'll be fine, but I'm still nervous. I guess I'm being a neurotic "mom", but she's our li'l baby girl.

Stinker's "grams" on her "mum's" side is gonna help us take her to and from the vet, as we are car-less. I've just posted a pic of her in my gallery, if you want to see how utterly adorable she is :] ::goes into proud mom mode::

Anyhow...so the workers sealed the corner that was leaking with tar, and are gonna futz with the rain gutters soon to see if that may also be contributing. If this doesn't work, we're gonna movie completely into the main house while the cottage is raised a few inches. So let's hope the tar works...I guess it'll be tested tomorrow night...there's sposed to be another huge three-day storm starting then.

In other news, i'm getting sick again. Too much going on at once gives Jynx colds :[ But Loki said i could d/l a sim game, so that makes it better! :]


2002-12-18 18:44:35 ET

good luck with yer 'little stinker' ^_^

and i hope you feel better soon...

2002-12-18 19:41:23 ET

thanks! me, too! :]

2002-12-19 17:00:48 ET

Aw.. she'll be fine! And she's adorable and Furgus just looks like the happiest dog on earth!

2002-12-19 19:57:18 ET

awww :] thanks ::goes into "happy mom" mode::

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