Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
2003-01-01 18:13:26 ET

so last night was hellza fun. Went to a friend of Loki's and...I ACTUALLY GOT DRUNK ON NYE! I've had issues with this in the past.

Anyhow...so yeah...peeps been in our house since about four, and using the puter...so I'ma gonna go get my sims fix :]

2003-01-01 23:00:01 ET

glad you guys had a good night!

YEA FOR 22!!! Speaking of...my b-day is in like..4 months. gotta start planning! NEVER TOO SOON TO PLAN!!!

2003-01-02 01:56:33 ET

happy new year

2003-01-02 08:35:03 ET

Starr: lol, hell no :P I already know I'm not doing anything this year. I don't really want to acknowledge the fact that I'm getting to the age where it's hard to get away with stuff.

Turbo: How was your NYE?

2003-01-02 13:16:53 ET

kinda sucky actually :-\


good to hear yours went well though

2003-01-02 17:04:48 ET

We're only as old as we feel! I decided that once i reach 25, I will be 25 every year after!

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