2003-01-07 19:40:37 ET

There's a police chase going on outside with a helicopter that's making so much noise, it's shaking the hotel.

Every little thing that happens is upsetting my mother, who is highly excitable...and it's really far my "vacation" has been a relatively negative experience. My grandfather is losing his memory and stuff...kind of like altzheimers, but that's not what he has...he can barely walk anymore, and that makes me sad.

My friend in Scottsdale is sick...probably won't be seeing her while I'm here, as she starts a new job monday and needs to get better.

My friend Chris from St. Louis keeps hitting on me, but I can't decide if he's serious or if he's just drunk and trying to be funny. Chris is one of those people where it's hard to tell sometimes. In any case, until I find out whether he's serious or not, I will rephrane (sp?) from telling him to go fuck a sheep or something.

Bahh...I miss Loki and our little girl. Anyhow...i see loki is signed onto subkultures but not to anything else, so I'm gonna go email him...make his butt get on AIm or something.

2003-01-07 21:33:00 ET

hmmm...well i hope your vacation starts going better....

i know what you mean about 'highly excitable' mothers.....

2003-01-08 05:41:43 ET

me, too...ugh.

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