2003-01-11 19:46:32 ET

o/~ on the road again o/~
[11 Jan 2003|08:56pm]
[music|Cast Away on the TV.]

It's so wierd...the closer to Phoenix we got...the grumpier and more exausted we were. The closer we get to home, the better our moods and energy levels.

Tomorrow's the big day when we get home. Yay...excited. I have so much stuff to do, though, when I get home...after the obvious "welcoming" has been done ;]

I've realised how much I want to organize my time so I can get everything done. I want to make sure I work enough hours so that I can still pay bills, yet have time to get my homework done. I want to be able to take care of my body better, after seeing what's happening to my grampa, and also fulfil my soul...so this is the deal i propose to myself:

I will work, the nights I dont have school, but before I go to bed each night (or go out, however the case may be), I'll play around with my poi for at least a fifteen min-a half hour, take a shower, and go about my business for the rest of the night. Saturday night, I will comandeer a friend to go drinking with, or kidnap Dylan or both.

Sunday, which will be my guaranteed day off. I'll start the day by having fruit or something healthy for breakfast, then take a shower...file the calouses from my feet, moisturize my skin and hair, drink herbal tea and do homework... saturday, I will also go to the store and get nice foodstuff to eat on sunday. Fruit for breakfast, will probably already have sammich fixin's for lunch, but I will cook something nice at least once a week...not only so I have good food to eat, but so I learn how to make stuff other than pasta :P

Anyhow, so I hope I can at least do the sunday thing...that would be nice...Dylan wouldn't mind, either, I don't think :]

It's wierd...I don't know if anyone else experiences this or if I'm just strange...but when i go away and leave my whole world behind, after a few days, it all becomes a dream...
Just fuzzy images and thoughts that floated through my mind once. Very bizarre feeling...Do you know...I'm nervous about seeing Dylan tomorrow? Not bad nervous...but nervous like how I used to get when we first started going out...the flubberbies in the tumbly thing.

ANyhow...time for a cigarette, methinks..

2003-01-11 23:02:07 ET

fun stuff...

hmmm...why not kidnap BOB dylan?

2003-01-12 05:57:43 ET

hehe...cuz he's too old :P

2003-01-13 00:45:02 ET


i still think it'd be fun...and besides...he's only like 3 feet tall! you could stow him anywhere!

2003-01-13 16:25:34 ET

hehe, lol...my man is only 3 feet tall, too!! fits nicely in my pocket :]

2003-01-13 16:46:38 ET

good deal :-D

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