2003-01-14 20:51:42 ET

Bizarre dream [14 Jan 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | amused ]
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So I had this wierd dream last night that one of the actors from the movie I'm working on turned into a giant ape and was chasing us all to eat us, and we were trying to get away by taking a train, but the cities had already sent the transit systems warnings not to go stop in our town...so, like...we were all hiding in the train station, and were taking turns being on "lookout" so we could see him if he was coming...and he did...and trapped us in there and gave us hell of food. Everyone started pigging out, and I told them not to eat, cuz he was just trying to fatten us up, but we hadn't eaten in two days...so I said that we should eat just enough to get our strength up and that we'd fly away tomorrow (yes, fly...as in without a plane). It was wierd...

2003-01-14 23:18:16 ET

crazy dreams are always fun to wake up to.. you just wake up going ...dude..what the fuck?@#!

2003-01-14 23:36:20 ET

....<turns into a giant ape>

2003-01-15 05:59:16 ET

AGH!!!! ::runs from turbo::

Totally, Starr...it's also funny, cuz after a silly nightmare that felt real, you wake up and you think, "PHEW! it was a dream!" and then later when you remember the details, you go "WTF?? Why the hell was I scared again??" lol!

2003-01-15 09:52:58 ET

haha.. happens to me allll the time!!!

2003-01-15 13:10:48 ET


i just wanted some cabbage.......and HUMAN FLESH!! <maniacal laughter>

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