2003-01-16 20:46:39 ET

Work sucks...closed tonight, gotta be back at 6:15am...then school...

Feet suck, cuz they hurt, so bad I was almost in tears at one point tonigh :[

The dentist sucks, cuz I have to go there when I have my ASL class, and I really cannot miss either...

I suck for forgetting to make sure the puppy had food before I left for work 3pm :[...but she rocks for forgiving me.

Milk sucks for making my tumbly upset, when I've been drinking it all my life.

guh...being awake sucks, so Ima go to bed :[

2003-01-16 22:56:12 ET

you're takin' ASL??? That's rad.

2003-01-17 00:22:44 ET


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