2003-01-18 08:27:21 ET

boop [18 Jan 2003|09:44am]
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went to my film class last night. I'm so excited about it. It teaches you how to analyze movies, what to look for, etc. Which is good, cuz I notice stuff like that, but I don't know how to talk about it. It's like when someone's new to the english language, and they have details they want to get across, but don't know how, so it just comes out as "It was good" or something.

My parents got a piznuppy. I haven't met her, yet, but her name is Mika (pronounced Meeka)...I'd post a peecture, but I don't know how to put it in the message body...wait...I may be able to figure that out. Oh, I guess I need a website or something. Which I do not have :[ If anyone knows how to do it a different way, lemme know.

Anyhow...I'm suddenly wanting to get offline, so I go :p

2003-01-18 12:17:46 ET

get an account with http://www.boomspeed.com (or www.liquid2k.com, if that's online, they've been revamping it for awhile so im not sure if it'll work or not) and just upload the image(s) there, and then use the html to post them here, and vuala (-:

2003-01-19 19:19:52 ET

their site is down or something...can't get into it to create an acct. :[...thanks, anyway, tho, lars! :]

2003-01-20 02:31:57 ET

hmm..thats odd...it's been working fine for me...oh well

no prob (-:

good luck

2003-01-20 08:57:19 ET

Well, I think it may be my puter. Cuz I'm at my mom's and it's much slower and on dialup and not as cool as Loki's computer...It should still load, in theory, but not everything does on this puter.

But I got something to work, obviously! :]

2003-01-21 14:20:02 ET

w00t (-:

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