2003-01-24 13:46:26 ET

So, store manager used to be really nice. She was good natured, friendly and had a good sense of humor. Now someone in the store has complained about people being lazy at work, and she's turned into a nazi. She no longer jokes around with the other partners, nor is she good natured and friendly when you talk to her. GRRRR....because someone complained about a few teeny things to HER, and not to the individuals those things were about, they've made the store a living hell. The bastards...

Anyhow...time for sex.

2003-01-24 14:01:33 ET

We just got a new manager at work. She thinks she'll be better than the last three, because we have "too much freedom" and she'll "implement more control". She never bothered to ask what was wrong with the last three. There has never been anything wrong with the employees just the bosses.

2003-01-24 14:04:27 ET

this i've seems that the complaints that were made, were made about laziness, and you know...there really isn't a problem with being lazy, and standing around talking to your coworkers, if the bottom line is that you get your shit done, you know? manager needs to learn how to be objective...GRRR...sorry...going on a tangent. I could go on for days :P

2003-01-24 14:10:33 ET

I'm a math tutor
With out a single student in the room one coworker and i were playing chess. She came into the room looked around and said we needed to be "doing something". "Not playing games."
"If there is no one to tutor, we should work on our tutoring skills"
I'm so over my new boss, she makes all of $1 more than me and she's in her 50's. In 4 months I can tell her what a loser she is.

2003-01-25 02:45:20 ET

well thats not good :-\

sex eh?

im jealous

2003-01-25 12:15:37 ET

Alice: Yeah, that's the kind of shit I hate...stupid bosses :[

Lars: Awww...well, I'm not too good at getting people laid, but if you were out here, I'm sure I could find you a gf...which would lead to you eventually getting laid...cept the people I set up usually end up gettin' some the night they meet...even if it's not all the way sex :P

2003-01-25 13:35:01 ET

lol...sounds good to me ;-P

considering i dont really want a gf after coming out of a relationship that lasted almost 2 years >_<

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