Achey, achey...ow....
2003-01-27 09:17:26 ET

Drank way too much last night (didn't even get drunk), but am still feeling the aftereffects. I feel like crap.

Today, we stop smoking in the house. It's a little difficult, cuz it *smells* like you can smoke in here...

Super bowl wasn't terribly exciting...raiders lost...glad I'm not a raider's fan :P It was funny watching Loki get upset, though };] His friend was so upset, he went home at half time, lol!

Anyhow...gonna go finish checkin email...then to bed with me...cuz I feel crappy.

2003-01-27 10:00:16 ET

try some herbal tea or tylenol. one of them should make you feel better =)

2003-01-27 10:14:44 ET

tanku i will! :]

2003-01-27 10:22:26 ET

ur aways welcome.mmmmm...hibiscus and rosehip tea =)

2003-01-27 14:40:24 ET

heh...i knew before the game started that the buccs would win...altho i dont care all that much about the super bowl but yeah

and hmm...hope you feel better!

oh, and i luv your new background (-:

2003-01-27 18:15:53 ET

Do you have AIM?

2003-01-28 08:00:08 ET

lars: i kinda had a feeling, too. Just cuz they havent won one since '84. Thanks! I like my new background,'s all about

Broken Promise: I do. :]

2003-01-30 11:13:05 ET

Ooo what's your sn, may I add you to my list? :)

2003-01-30 15:14:48 ET

my SN is purpldrag0n (with a zero) sure! :] What's yours?

2003-01-30 16:53:22 ET

xoleg0lasox [with a zero too! lol]
that may be changing soon though.

2003-01-30 20:37:54 ET are added :]

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