HOORAY for ten minute closes! :]
2003-01-29 20:57:10 ET

So my poor supervisor that closed with me tonight has to open tomorrow, too. But it was awesome, cuz it meant nothing really had to be super pretty, and we got out of there in ten minutes, still managing to get everything done. One of the other supervisors...the one that usually opens, was sent to the hospitol yesturday, so the only person left is poor Regan...one of the closing sup's.

In other news, Loki got a new kick ass celphone...it's a celphone/computer/internet browser/organizer/black and white camera/instant messenger. It's called the sidekick. Now I feel all inadequate with my teeny little nokia 3585. My phone kicks ass for a phone...but his has EVERYTHING you could ever want in your pocket...jeebus.

Stinker got to go with us to pick up Loki's phone...her ego must be flying through the roof. Everyone who passed by us had to stop and pet her and tell her how adorable she is.

anyhow...not much else to say about my day., Life is boring, as it should be :]

2003-01-29 21:35:40 ET

Why in the world would you want a celphone/computer/internet browser/organizer/black and white camera/instant messenger in your pocket? It's a damn phone. I don't get it.

2003-01-29 22:30:37 ET

i want that cell phone!

<pets you and tells you how adorable you are>

2003-01-30 08:16:48 ET

lol..lars, you have to pet lokichilde and tell him how adorable he is...he's the one with the phone :P

2003-01-31 01:43:08 ET

well ok <pats him and tells him how adorable he is as well>!

2003-01-31 10:15:41 ET


2003-02-01 01:00:22 ET

but of course

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