2003-02-02 04:36:59 ET

So last night was INcredible. Loki and I stayed up all night talking. We talked about life, we talked about death, we talked about life after death, human psychology, dreams, the astral, etc, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, I have to be at a shoot in an hour and a half...I want to go back to bed :[ Stupid commitments...giving me all kindsa experience and stuff. I think I'm gonna punch my director when I get to the set today :P But it will be out of love...or something.

Anyhow...got pixorz of loki and stinker and I. Will hopefully have them scanned by next week sometime. yeehaw for pixorz...

ok...i need caffiene muchly...but we're out of sugar :[ dammit. will try honey...honey. :P

2003-02-02 11:33:32 ET

good to hear you had a good night (-:

cant wait for ze pix0rz!

2003-02-03 13:49:18 ET

there will be pixors either tomorrow evening or wed afternoon :] I scan then tomorrow :]

2003-02-03 21:04:52 ET

yay (-:

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