Stupid soap.
2003-02-03 17:12:18 ET

My soap evaporated, so I have to do it over...although, I'm our of castile soap, which is the best to I'm gonna try to use some burts bees soap, cuz it's not highly fragrant.

::prays it will work::

Anyhow...gonna go make more soap and play the sims :]

2003-02-03 17:17:59 ET

You ever let your Sim neighbors come over and then remodel the room they are in so that it doesn't have a door?

2003-02-03 17:53:21 ET

no, but I've built a room in the yard and told my sim to go there and then removed the door and put the game on fast fwd.

When we first got the game, the first thing loki did was kill a sim...they're hard mothers to kill, man.

A couple of my sims just got married, and I'm debating killing one of them off for their mula.

2003-02-03 21:05:45 ET

and then you could..make soap..FROM the wait no maybe that wouldn't work...

2003-02-03 22:34:14 ET

no, Lars...i don't think that would work :P hehe

2003-02-04 01:08:13 ET

yeah, sorry, i just had fight club come to

2003-02-04 09:33:31 ET

hehe...s'all good :]

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