2003-02-13 23:16:59 ET

So I got my review today at work...i am meeting expectations, and therefore am rewarded with an 11 cent raise...WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO...I can go out and buy my dream car with THAT kind of raise!!!

On the upside, I resolved my issues with my store manager. I no longer wish a horrible demise upon her head.

Anyhow...gotta go to bed....ugh...

2003-02-13 23:33:07 ET


hmm...can you also by me my dream car???

<puppy dog eyes>

2003-02-14 08:09:47 ET

Yeah! It's on it's way to you!!! :P

2003-02-14 13:12:06 ET

lol...if you were telling the truth id faint right about now d-;

2003-02-14 13:33:34 ET

wow... that will pay like...1/5 your taxes per hour of work... uhm....

But yea.. dream cars on their way!!!

2003-02-15 10:53:49 ET

no, it's just enough so that the govt. will notice...and take more taxes then they did before...and I will have been better off had they not given me a raise at all....bastards....they used to givr 25% of what you made as a raise...grrr...

Anyhow...got a couple prospects I have to followup on. wewt for prospects :P

2003-02-15 12:43:17 ET

yayyyy for prospects. booooo on taxes. Speaking of.. I really need to do mine!

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