2003-02-19 18:26:23 ET

Very not happy, atm. Dunno why...just very sad.

On the upside, I'm updating this from my mom's sidekick. When they come out with one in color, I may get one...hey, it keeps beeping at me.

Anyhow...I've been eating like a horse last couple days. I feel totally bloated. :( Probably why I'm depressed.

I like this sidekick...I think I'll have to steal Loki's more often.

Blah. My mom's puppy Mika is super cute. I'm nervous, though, cuz I'm dog-sitting/house sitting next weekend, and with Mika being deaf, I'm hoping I won' lose my mind...I'm used to being able to shout for correction, but it's not so simple with Mika.

Ok...time for a smoke.

2003-02-19 22:17:31 ET


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